About Madhav National Park

About Madhav National Park

The Madhav National Park is situated on the northern fringe of the Central Highlands of India forming a part of the Upper Vindhyan Hills intermixed with plateaus, and valley sectiions. The slopes are generally gentle and rarely steep. Spreading over an area of almost 355 Sq kms, Madhav National Park is a fascinating mix of natural splendours of history and architectural wonders. Madhav National Park is situated in the northern part of Madhya Pradesh in Shivpuri District, very close to the Shivpuri township This was notified as a National Park in the year 1958.

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Madhav National Park, Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh - 473551

Tourist Attractions Near to Madhav

Tourist Attractions Near to Madhav

Madhav National Park, situated in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh, offers proximity to several noteworthy tourist attractions. In addition to the historic George Castle, and the serene Sakhya Sagar Lake within Madhav, the nearby town of Shivpuri boasts the grandeur of Madhav Vilas Palace and the tranquil beauty of Bhadaiya Kund. Within a radius of 100 to 150 kms of Madhav National Park, there are diverse attractions to explore. Embrace history at Gwalior Fort, or visit the sacred Bateshwar Temples along the Yamuna River. The ancient city of Orchha, with its impressive temples and palaces, offers a captivating journey back in time. For a scenic retreat, the tranquil Panna National Park and the majestic Raneh Falls are within reach. For Nature enthusiasts there is Kuno National Park near by or they can also explore the Ranthambore National Park.

Mentioned Below are few of the attractions:

Religious attractions nearby -
  • Orcha – Temple, Chaatris
  • Datia - Temple
Heritage attractions nearby -
  • Gwalior - Fort, Ghats
  • Chanderi - Handlooms, Fort
Wildlife areas nearby -
  • Kuno National Park
  • Panna Tiger Reserve
  • Ranthambore Tiger Reserve


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